Update, April 28th

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To our wonderful clients whom we are greatly missing during this time away from the studio,

We hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and that you’ve been able to find something positive to do with yourselves in this current situation. As you all know, we voluntarily closed our studio on March 21st as it became obvious that the threat from Covid19 was best minimized by closing all non-essential businesses. It is a difficult truth to face, but as essential as art is to life, getting tattooed is not important enough to risk one’s life for. Our artists couldn’t bear it it we, asymptomatically, unknowingly passed on a virus and caused the death of a client or someone in their family.
At this point, our governor has specified that we are able to open on May 4th with the additional precautions of wearing masks and providing them to the clients as well. Currently we do not have the appropriate masks, face shields and other personal protective equipment that we would need to open on that date, and still feel that those supplies are needed by frontline healthcare workers at this time. We are researching air filtration options and other things that will keep us all safer once we are able to open. As we get closer to May 4th, we will asses the availability of the needed equipment and consult with medical professionals to determine whether we will open or remain closed a bit longer.
We are all doing ok. Spending time at home with our families and busily working on home improvements, artwork for tattoos and commissions. We miss you all, appreciate you bearing with us through this, and will contact each client for rescheduling once we know more.