Skater Trainers (Red)


Learn New Tricks Faster.


Skateboard tricks happen in a fraction of a second. Even the most basic tricks involve several steps that have to happen quick. With the skateboard stopped, it is so much easier to figure out the steps and work on your coordination without worrying about your skateboard slipping out or rolling away. Once you figure out the motions with SkaterTrainers, it is the exact same motion without….making it much faster and easier to progress to rolling tricks. You can see from the GIFs below that the motions are identical!



SkaterTrainer Ollie Demonstration


SkaterTrainer Kickflip Demonstration


Installing and removing SkaterTrainers is simple. They are small enough to fit in your pocket so that you can literally take them anywhere you want to practice skateboarding.

SkaterTrainer Installation

SkaterTrainer Installation

SkaterTrainer Removal

SkaterTrainer Removal



Color: Red

Comes as a set for all 4 Wheels!

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