54mm Ricta Chrome Clouds Blue


Don’t Let Rugged Terrain Rain on your parade!


Chrome Clouds are ready to smoothen out the bumpy ride! These bad boys are among the smoothest small skate wheels you can find. The redesigned Chrome Core provides extra absorption, while keeping the wheel in shape upon impact.


The soft urethane of Ricta Clouds is a perfect choice if you’re skating a rough spot or just looking for a smoother ride.


Perfect for first time riders looking for an easy to control wheel for a skateboard or cruiser.




  • Size: 54mm
  • Hardness: 78A

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The Leader in “Speed Reinvented” Wheel Technology.

Ricta Wheels are made with “NRG” Hi-Energy Urethane Formula, hands down the fastest non-cored wheel in skateboarding! Pro tested and proven more flat spots resistant than any other wheel on the market

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