61mm Landshark Wheels Sidecuts 95A


All Landshark wheels are made in the USA with ‘Hardcore’ urethane. They also have a black core in the middle to prevent friction so you will go faster!


Wheel Size: 61mm


About the Wheel Size:

60mm+ : Works great for Cruisers, old-school boards, downhill, Longboards, and dirt boards; made for speed and rougher surfaces. Wheels of this hardness make it easier to roll over Cracks, chips and gravel on the concrete.


Wheel Hardness: 95A


About the Wheel Hardness:

88a-95a Slightly harder and faster with a little less grip than the softest of wheels, but the grip’s still good. Good for street and rough surfaces.


Sold as a set of 4 Wheels.

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About Landshark Wheels:

Known and loved around the world, Landshark has been manufacturing exceptional skateboard wheels for over fifteen years. Using their secret handmade urethane formula, Landshark wheels provide a smooth ride and optimal performance. They allow you to skate harder and faster with the responsiveness and control of a pro.

No matter how hard you skate, their skateboard wheels will never wear down. Landshark has you covered with a no flat spot guarantee! Their wheels are perfect for any skill level, catering to both beginners and pros alike. If you are looking to upgrade your wheels, try out a set of Landsharks!


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Dimensions9 × 6 × 2 in


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