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About Landshark Wheels:

Known and loved around the world, Landshark has been manufacturing exceptional skateboard wheels for over fifteen years. Using their secret handmade urethane formula, Landshark wheels provide a smooth ride and optimal performance. They allow you to skate harder and faster with the responsiveness and control of a pro.

No matter how hard you skate, their skateboard wheels will never wear down. Landshark has you covered with a no flat spot guarantee! Their wheels are perfect for any skill level, catering to both beginners and pros alike. If you are looking to upgrade your wheels, try out a set of Landsharks!



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52mm 97a, 53mm 97a, 54mm 101a, 54mm 97a, 61mm 92a, 61mm 97A, Side cuts 61mm 92A, Side cuts 61mm 95A


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