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About Cadillac:

Created by Frank Nasworthy, Cadillac has been a leading skateboard wheels company since 1973. Cadillac is the first company to develop wheels from a urethane formula. Their wheels revolutionized skateboarding and set the standard for all skateboard companies to date.


They produce a variety of wheel styles for skateboards and longboards. Cadillac skateboard wheels come in a variety of models to choose from. Their Hot Pursuits are extremely durable and deliver fast roll speed. Designed with a square lip shape, these wheels grip hard when you need it most! Their White Walls provide a smooth ride every time.


Cadillac Butters wheels are specifically designed for sliding and free riding. You will have so much run riding downhill on these wheels! Their Khana wheels allow for more control and stability. They’ll give you a fluid ride, regardless of your speed.


Cadillac wheels come in every color you can think of—so customize your wheel color to match your deck and trucks! In addition to wheels, Cadillac also includes bearings in their product line.

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Khana Clear/White 70mm 83a, Sugar Mama Chain Mint 65mm 81a, Sugar Mama Chain Pink, White Hot Pursuit 70mm


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