53mm Bones Fletcher Tomahawk


Green and black swirls for days! Watch out, these Tomahawk wheels are sharp!

Greyson Fletcher’s Tomahawk Wheel is a swirled Green and Black urethane wheel. This is a regular profile wheel poured from 101A quality urethane.



  • Size: 53mm – Smaller wheels, stable for trick riding and smaller riders skating street, skate parks, and bowls.


  • Hardness: 101A – Harder and faster wheel with little grip. Less effective on slick and rough surfaces. These are pro wheels.

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Many skaters assume the performance and quality of skate wheels are all the same. A wheel is a wheel is a wheel, they might often say. That’s actually not the case. In fact, very large differences exist between the raw materials, manufacturing process, quality control and performance of different wheel brands. Up until now though, a wheel’s reputation has been a combination of market hype, market muscle, skater support and word of mouth. BONES Wheels popularity is largely a result of superior quality, performance and durability.



BONES may not be the lowest-priced wheel, but our abrasion test chart shows why BONES is the best value. After all, what good is a cheaper wheel if it flat spots the first day? BONES Wheels offer the best combination of product performance, durability, quality, and customer service available today. In other words, you might be able to find a lower price, but never a better value.



All BONES Wheel unique formulas are solely developed and produced in our own manufacturing plant located in Santa Barbara, CA. Using drastically different physical and engineering properties for each formula, BONES creates unique urethanes for specific applications of skateboarding.


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