Revenge Alpha I Trucks 152mm


The Revenge Type I is a single pivot 45° torsion truck made of 8DC12 recycle-based lead free aluminum. They are designed for carving, sidewalk surfing and for the pure thrill of turning. They are not intended to replace your conventional trucks for the skate park. Revenge trucks are too performance oriented for traditional transition-based skateboarding.


The patented external locking mechanism allows for the tightest turns with no need for riser pads even with wheels up to 73mm, resulting in a full circle on a 47″ board in less than 8 feet, all with no wheel bite! Turning has never been easier.


They are mountable with standard hardware along with two options for hole patterns, old school and new school.


The bushing is made from the highest quality high impact polyurethane, made in the USA.



  • Axle Width: 8.75″
  • Width: 6.0″
  • Height: 3.375″
  • Surface: Polished Aluminum
  • Bushing: 97a High Impact Polyurethane


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Revenge longboard trucks are a revolution in torsion skateboard truck technology. These trucks are designed to allow longboard skateboarders a chance to mimic surfing and snowboarding like never before. With patented torsion truck technology, Revenge drastically reduces turning radius and keeps a fluid motion with minimal effort from the rider. The patented external locking mechanism allows for extremely tight turns while reducing the chance of wheel bite. They can perform a full 360 degree 8 foot diameter turn on a 47″ board with no riser pads and wheels up to 73mm.

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