7.60″ Krux TMNT


Cowabunga Dude!


Legendary truck brand Krux has teamed up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to bring you the Krux x TMNT Krome Standard 7.60 Trucks.

In the colorway you would expect, with TNMT branding all over, these things are just begging to be shredded!


Now.. who wants pizza?



  • Comes as a set of 2 trucks
  • Designed to fit boards between 7.4″ and 7.8″ wide.
  • Legendary Collaboration
  • Standard Height
  • Highly Recommended From Krux and TMNT


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Krux are for everyone.


Krux Trucks have the signature oval hole in the hanger which makes them lighter and very recognizable. The holiest trucks in skateboarding! Krux has the World’s Best Stock Cushions and feel broken in from the start. Krux have great running geometry and the smoothest grind. Put simply: They turn n’ stuff!


Founded in 1989 by NHS inc.: A leader in skateboarding innovation and quality. Krux are known for unique graphics and its diverse, fun-loving team of misfits. So leave your tough guy attitude at the door cause Krux is all about fun!


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