Lucid Spray-On Glow Grip


Our extremely clear Spray-On Grip was designed with the skateboarder in mind and is easier to use than tying your shoes. Lucid is already in use with some of the top skateboard brands out there. With our 3 different clear grip options, this gives the rider an optimized performance ranging from: downhill speed, heavy sliding, carving,cruising, and even barefoot.

Our clear grip is made from a recycled glass material and comes in three different granular sizes. Light, Medium, and Heavy. We also have a GLOW in the dark


Our unique glow grip is about the size of our Medium grip. It charges with light and glows for roughly 2-4 hours.


GLOW GREEN Grip Details: 

The GLOW grip is made from Strontium aluminate which is a photo luminescent phosphorous material, it absorbs photons (electromagnetic radiation) & UV rays to charge. It does NOT require direct or indirect sunlight to charge. It will charge well in low level indoor light conditions. Your Eyes Should Be Adjusted to the Dark.


Package includes: 

– Step 1 “The Liquid”

– 2.7 oz Bottle / Filled full with Liquid

– Step 2 “The Grip” – 2.7 oz Bottle / with net WT. 2 oz with clear or glow

– Instructions




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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions8.69 × 5.44 × 1.75 in


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