8.5″ Mini Logo Detonator White Deck


Solid White deck with assorted color dyed wood grain finish Detonator logo.

Fused in Skate One’s special low stress, AirLam™ presses, with a water-resistant, high strength glue and sealed against moisture.

The mellow middle enables you to catch your board with the whole bottom of your foot instead of just your toes and heels.



  • Deck Shape: 244
  • Deck Concave: K20
  • Deck Wheelbase: 14.375″
  • Deck Length: 32.08″
  • Deck Width: 8.5″
  • Deck Nose: 6.88″
  • Deck Tail: 6.63″

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Hand made using only the finest materials, Mini Logo™ is the leader of high performance/price point decks in the Industry. Each deck is fused in Skate One’s special low stress, AirLam™ presses, with water resistant, high strength glue and sealed against moisture with a lacquer semi-gloss finish. The bottom of Mini Logo™ decks are treated with a multi-layer coating consisting of a wood sealer layer and two full length colored ink layers for longer slides. Warranted against de-lamination for the useful life of the deck and managed in our Santa Barbara Headquarters, Mini Logo™ utilizes decades of deck building experience and knowledge to truly deliver the best sizes, shapes and POP for less!

Proven Powell Peralta deck construction and concaves

Laminated using Skate One’s proprietary, low stress, AirLam™ presses

Decades of skateboarding making knowledge

Lifetime Warranty against manufacturer’s defects

Great performance and value guaranteed!

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 34 × 11 × 3 in


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