8.25″ Beer City Pit Deck



  • Width: 8.25″
  • Made In The USA
  • 7 Ply Hardrock Maple

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SINCE 1993

The DIY skateboard company and record label that’s been around since the summer of 1992 , putting out tons of great releases and making really strong skateboards.


Beer City is known for making the highest quality hard rock maple decks and offering them in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. All of their decks are MADE IN THE USA,last long and keep their pop!


Beer City’s hardcore/punk and thrash metal record label currently works with legends like D.R.I. , M.D.C., and The Faction. Also newer upstarts like Deathwish, The Fastplants, The Tubuloids and BRONxx round out the roster. They re-issue many classic out-of-print releases for some of the best hardcore/punk bands around.


Through hard work, determination, innovation and demand for their products, Beer City has stayed relevant all these years.


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