9.75″ x 38″ Riviera Ropeburn Complete


The Ropeburn is a 38” all-purpose utility skateboard built with a perfect street concave and a functional nose and tail. You can confidently skate the park, a ditch, bomb a hill or just smash the streets on this thing. Change it up a bit and put Paris 180 reverse kingpin trucks on it and it becomes a super functional ‘freeride’ set-up. Push out high-speed slides and destroy curb cuts and driveways without sacrificing your ability to ollie or pop your way in and out of gnarly terrain.


Length: 38″
Width: 9.75″
Wheelbase: 20.25″
Wheels: Divine City Slahsers64mm / 78a
Bearings: Abec 5
Trucks: Paris Street – 169mm – Silver
Top: Standard Griptape

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Riviera has set the standard when it comes to skating gear. This Orange County, California company provides the industry with high performance, unmatched skateboards and longboards. As the skating market continues to grow, so does the urgency to refresh classic products with unique features. Riviera has managed to put a new spin on their skateboards and longboards, and have successfully gained a loyal fan base. By offering a wide range of different board styles, Riviera has become “everyone’s skateboard company.” If you have a devotion for longboarding, or are ready to give it a try, this company has the boards you’re looking for. Constructed of 9 ply maple, Riviera longboard decks are extremely durable—ready to take on some serious cruising. They’re great for speeding downhill, whether it be for racing or leisure. With a longer deck length than traditional skateboards, you’ll have more control of your balance and riding direction. Their longboard decks can ride over any surface effortlessly, no matter how rough the terrain. With exceptionally long-lasting decks, you can skate your hardest! If you’re looking for a board that’s pre-assembled and ready to ride, Riviera has you covered. Riviera complete longboards and skateboards arrive equipped with a deck, trucks, wheels bearings, hardware, and grip tape. And their boards feature exceptional artwork etched into their decks. Wait until you see the attention to detail! There is no denying your ability to turn heads with Riviera boards!

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Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 12 × 6 in


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