Speed Doctor Bearing Grease



  • Ultra Premium Synthetic Bearing Lubrication Made in the USA!
  • Prevents Oxidation Cleans and Protects Super Thin, Low Viscosity Oil Engineered Specifically for 608 Skate Bearings
  • High Viscosity Index of 129, Extremely Long Lasting Under Extreme Temperatures!
  • Non Petroleum based so Non-Gumming; Perfect for Year Round Skating!
  • Non- Toxic Formula – Safe Around Pets & Kids!


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Founded in 2013, Speed Doctor is a skateboard brand that specializes in skateboard bearing lubricant. Arguably the best bearing lube on the market, Speed Doctor is dedicated to making you skate faster, slide harder and grind longer than ever before. Packaged in their “Speed Shot” applicator, Speed Doctor skateboard lubricant can be applied quickly and efficiently without having to remove the trucks or bearings from your wheels. You get the speed and fluidity you need without the hassle of using traditional lubricant bottles.


Speed Doctor is made from high viscosity (thin), non-petroleum based oil, which doesn’t gunk up or collect dirt and grime. Made with the environment in mind, their lube is non-toxic and 100% eco-friendly. Skateboard bearings are generally pre-lubed before leaving a factory, but the oil is often poor quality or degrades quickly. It’s crucial to continue proper bearing maintenance so skateboards maintain their speed and longevity.

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