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Meet some of the hottest stars from the world of action sports. This look at extreme athletes was directed by Tamra Davis (CROSSROADS, HALF-BAKED) and features Mike Basich, Tina Basich, Steve Berra, Mat Hoffman, Andy Irons, Mike D and many, many more.


It’s not hard to find extreme sports documentaries on DVD, but Keep Your Eyes Open is a cut above the norm. Hollywood director Tamra Davis (Billy Madison, Half Baked) brings to the genre a new polish, intellectual curiosity, and singularly interesting eye for unexplored camera angles and fresh visual settings. The subject is a little different, too: Keep Your Eyes Open concerns uniquely gifted athletes with a penchant for superior focus. They don’t keep an eye on competitors, and they contemplate possible injury as something not to avoid but to predict. The talent roster includes skateboarders Eric Koston and Steve Berra, extraordinary skier Seth Morrison, 17-year-old motorcycle champion Travis Pastrana (who seems to dance with his bike while suspended in space), and hot-tempered surfer Sunny Garcia (whose fight for survival, learned on the tough side of Oahu, informs his sharp skills riding waves). Davis’s husband, Mike D, makes an amusing cameo appearance as a security guard. –Tom Keogh

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