1031 Bleed For Me DVD


Well here it is boys and girls! The first video of the 1031 team. I don’t really know what more to say. I mean we skate, and we film it , then give it to you. So now you all can judge us. Some of you will think what where doing is really bad ass and some of you will think we suck and we are wasting your precious time and the rest of you wont give a damn either way.

One thing this video does do for sure is show that WE SKATE! We skate hard and we are having a lot of fun doing it. So with that being said, go check it out. Get your buddies together and talk some trash on us or get stoked on what where doing and go do your part and shred hard. I hope this sums it up enough for everybody. I guess I could have given you a lot more hype and other kinds of bullshit but I thought I would just get right to bottom of it all. Here we are, here it is, here you go. Just get hyped on skateboarding, go skate and pass it on! – Kristian Svitak

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