Complete Skateboard Assembly


We put your board together for you, free of cost!

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Deck, grip, trucks, bearings, wheels and hardware sold separately, and must be purchased at the same time as installation or your order will be cancelled.

Note: To build a complete you will need;

  • a Skate Deck
  • Griptape
  • Trucks of the correct size
  • Bearings
  • Wheels
  • Hardware (Bolts) of the correct length


Optional add ons- ( These are not included free with assembly, but we can put them on for you if you purchase them)

  • Shock Pads: Broken skateboards suck. You’ll have fewer of both when you add a set of skateboard risers to your setup. These plastic or rubber inserts are placed between the deck and the truck to absorb shock and help to protect your board from stress fractures around the trucks/ bolt holes. They also absorb some of the impact from landings, reducing stress on the deck and prolonging its lifespan.


  • Bearing Spacers: Note- if you’ve purchased Bronson G2 Bearings, there is no need for bearing spacers as they come with!

Bearing spacers are small metal cylinders that fit into a skateboard wheel between the bearings. Their purpose is to reduce the weight distributed to each bearing, which can make your turns smoother and more stable and also extend the life of your bearings. The bearing spacer is a very important, but often overlooked part when people set up their completes. This is an especially prevalent issue with new skaters and first-time skateboard purchasers. These little metal “cylinders” will help your bearings by keeping them parallel in your wheels. This avoids excess side load pressures, fights over-tightening, and prolongs the life of your bearings.


  • On some applications, risers may be necessary to eliminate wheel bite. Essentially they create more space between the deck and your trucks so that your wheels don’t rub the board as you turn/ do tricks. This is often only necessary with larger wheels on a setup. If we suspect your board may have issues with this, and we are assembling it for you, we will contact you to see if you would like to add them to your deck.



Q: What happens if I select the wrong size of Trucks, Bolts, or Griptape for my board?

A: We will reach out to you via phonecall or email to see if your selection was intentional, or to find an appropriate substitute.


Q: What if I don’t know what size of trucks I need?

A: If you have any questions about sizing, or other options or details on a deck, please give us a call at (402)556-8500 and we would be happy to chat with you about what would fit best.




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