Bearing Installation/ Removal


Tired of pressing your bearings in by hand? Wish your wheels could just show up fully set up out of the box? We’ve got you covered.


We’ll press your bearings in for you for free! Just add this listing along with a purchase of wheels and your preferred bearing to the cart and we’ll take care of the rest.


Bearings sold separately, and must be purchased at the same time as installation or your order will be cancelled.

(We can also pull old bearings out of your wheels to replace with new ones. If you have an existing wheel you would like to keep using/ have new bearings pressed into, please give us a call at (402)556-8500 and we would be happy to assist. Note: you must be local and able to bring us the wheels.)


Optional- these do not come with, but you may consider also adding these to your cart.


Bearing Spacers

  • if you’ve purchased Bronson G2 Bearings, there is no need for bearing spacers as they come with!

Bearing spacers are small metal cylinders that fit into a skateboard wheel between the bearings. Their purpose is to reduce the weight distributed to each bearing, which can make your turns smoother and more stable and also extend the life of your bearings. The bearing spacer is a very important, but often overlooked part when people set up their completes. This is an especially prevalent issue with new skaters and first-time skateboard purchasers. These little metal “cylinders” will help your bearings by keeping them parallel in your wheels. This avoids excess side load pressures, fights over-tightening, and prolongs the life of your bearings.



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