9″ MOB GWAR x Creature Collab
9″ MOB GWAR x Creature Collab

Get ready to get gnarly with GWAR.

Part of a collaboration between Creature and the band GWAR, this grip is made by MOB and is sure to sell out quick.


This grip features a little bit of everything. It combines several of MOB’s grip options all into one.


  • You want black grip? – This grip has sections of your typical black grip.
  • You want Graphic grip? – Yep. It’s covered in graphics and pretty colorful.
  • You want Clear grip? – This grip has multiple clear sections within the graphics area – The “Brown” Looking areas in the photo are actually clear sections of the grip (You’ll be able to see the top of your board through them.)




Graphic Mob features the same durability, grip, and feel that makes Mob the #1 griptape choice of professional skateboarders.



  • Bubbleproof application.
  • Exclusive grit-binding process for grip that will not wear out.
  • Tear-resistant “plastic plywood” backing that trims evenly every time.
  • Super sticky adhesive that will not peel up in extreme heat or cold.
  • Size: 9″ x 33″
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MOB Griptape Roller
MOB Griptape Roller

Tired of air bubbles in your grip?


The Mob Grip Roller is made to ensure maximum bond pressure when applying Mob Grip.

The New Mob Grip Roller is a perfect tool for finishing up a perfect grip job for your decks. Combine it with MOB Griptape for a perfect, bubble free application.


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