56mm Bones Reyes Portal V6 Wide Cut
56mm Bones Reyes Portal V6 Wide Cut

Bones Street Tech Formula powers the legendary Bones STF wheels that roll fast, grip when you need to and slide when you want to, without flat spotting. STF gives you more control to skate with confidence. Bones STF wheels outperform all other wheels, and because they wear so well, they last several times longer than normal wheels, making STF wheels the best for less.


Ryan Reyes Pro Model

  • Portal
  • 56×36
  • V6 Wide-Cut
  • street tech formula 99a
  • white


Sold as a set of 4 wheels

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56mm Powell Peralta Oval Dragon
56mm Powell Peralta Oval Dragon

About the Wheels:

The 90a hardness combines the speed and durability of a hard wheel with the forgiveness of a soft wheel .


About the Oval Dragon Artwork:

Inspired by Lord of the Rings, George Powell asked artist VC Johnson to work on creating a new dragon graphic in 1980. He suggested designing it in a logo-like oval shape since its intended use was for stickers and t-shirts. The graphic was finalized during the Gold Cup contest series and both Caballero and McGill rocked the graphic on their boards at the Upland Finals. The Oval Dragon was used on a price point series of decks and assemblies and also became the official top graphic for all Powell-Peralta decks until it was replaced in 1987 by the Winged Ripper graphic.


Originally Released: 1980

Artwork by: Vernon Courtlandt Johnson


  • Wheel Core: None
  • Wheel Diameter: 56mm
  • Wheel Width: 32mm
  • Wheel Hardness: 90a
  • Wheel Formula: SBA
  • Wheel Color: White
  • Wheel Suggested: Use All Terrain
  • Wheel Surface: Smooth
  • Wheel Shape: RAT BONE II

Sold as a set of 4 Wheels.

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