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Gullwing Charger Purple Trucks 10.0″
Gullwing Charger Purple Trucks 10.0″

Charger longboard trucks from Gullwing feature a reverse kingpin setup that provides improved turning for downhill and carve-oriented skating.


Reverse Kingpin trucks hold the board higher off the ground and carve like a dream, making them great choices for longboards, downhill riding and cruising.


Additional benefits come from the integrated speed ring on both the raked hanger and axle nut. The rings provide improved alignment to your bearings, for better speed roll and longevity. They also reduce friction, by only touching the inner race of the bearing and because they are integrated, you can’t lose them!


Charger trucks feature a 6-hole baseplate for old school or new school mounting and come with 89A conical bushings. Additionally, these trucks have a weight-saving pocketed hanger design and a 50-degree weight-saving baseplate.



  • Width: 10.0″ axle – 10” or 180mm trucks are common for downhill and freeride setups. We recommend that the width of the trucks matches the width of your board as closely as possible and that if your board isn’t exactly 10″, to keep the difference to less than 1/4″.


  • 7.25″ hanger


  • Baseplate Angle: 50°


  • Ride Style: Carving/Cruising


  • Quantity: Sold as a set of 2 Trucks
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Paris Black/ Black Trucks 195mm
Paris Black/ Black Trucks 195mm

The Paris 195mm truck gives you that extra width just in case you need it. The 195mm hanger generates less leverage when compared to a narrower hanger, which adds to stability and comfort at higher speeds. These trucks are ready to race out of the box! The 195s are built with 2 – 90a Paris bushings and a flat washer on top for added support.


This truck is your go-to downhill truck. These were built with speed in mind and that is exactly what they do well. Like all Paris Trucks, the baseplate angle is 50 degrees, which provides the perfect balance between maneuverability and stability. And they’ve got a manufacturers lifetime warranty to boot?! Unheard of!


You should pick Paris 195 Trucks if…
– You plan on bombing hills more than carving
– You’re riding a board wider than 10″



  • Fits best on boards 10.5″ – 11″ wide


  • 356.2 virgin aluminum gravity molded


  • Secondary heat treatment for added strength & durability


  • Grade 8 steel axles and branded kingpins


  • Paris urethane bushings for ultimate response & rebound


  • 6-hole baseplate


  • Guaranteed by Paris for Life – Every new pair of Paris Trucks are guaranteed against manufacturer defects in workmanship or materials for the lifetime of the original owner. The warranty covers bent axles as well as any manufacturer’s defects that would cause the trucks to fail or be unrideable. This DOES NOT cover trucks that have been abused, stolen, or ran over by a vehicle!


Sold as a set of 2 Trucks.

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Paris Savant Electroluxe Trucks 165mm
Paris Savant Electroluxe Trucks 165mm

Smaller in size, but nothing short of perfection. The 165mm Savant trucks are everything you could dream of. With no compromise in strength or performance, the narrower hangers add more grip and control to any downhill setup. Snag those tight inside lines and rally harder than you ever have before with the 165s bolted to your board.


The Savant is the absolute perfect truck for fast downhill and freeride skating. The forged hanger offers superior strength and tighter tolerances. The axles are precision machined, dead straight, and secured with our patented captive axle lock system.


A slightly tighter bushing seat provides additional stability but still allows that deep, predictable turn you can expect from all of our trucks. The Savants also feature race-inspired machined pivots, top hat washers, machined speed rings, urethane pivot cups, and slop-stoppers to keep everything fully aligned. Not to mention laser etched logos.



  • Works best on boards 9.25 – 9.5″ Wide
  • 50° baseplate
  • Forged 6061 Aluminum Hangers. T6 Heat Treated
  • Dead Straight Axles Tested For Perfect Alignment
  • Race Spec 8mm, SCM440 Steel Axles
  • Patented Captive Axle Lock System
  • Grade SCM435 Branded Steel Kingpins
  • Precision Axle Washers
  • 1mm Built-In Inner Speed Washers
  • 96a “Slop Stoppers”
  • Cast Baseplate
  • Hand Poured Paris 96a Pivot Cups
  • Machined Kingpin and Pivot Holes
  • Paris 90a USA Made Double Barrel Bushings
  • Titanium Plating (Electro Lux)
  • Precision Engineering and STRONG AS F@#K!!


Sold as a set of 2 Trucks.

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Revenge Alpha I Trucks 152mm
Revenge Alpha I Trucks 152mm

The Revenge Type I is a single pivot 45° torsion truck made of 8DC12 recycle-based lead free aluminum. They are designed for carving, sidewalk surfing and for the pure thrill of turning. They are not intended to replace your conventional trucks for the skate park. Revenge trucks are too performance oriented for traditional transition-based skateboarding.


The patented external locking mechanism allows for the tightest turns with no need for riser pads even with wheels up to 73mm, resulting in a full circle on a 47″ board in less than 8 feet, all with no wheel bite! Turning has never been easier.


They are mountable with standard hardware along with two options for hole patterns, old school and new school.


The bushing is made from the highest quality high impact polyurethane, made in the USA.



  • Axle Width: 8.75″
  • Width: 6.0″
  • Height: 3.375″
  • Surface: Polished Aluminum
  • Bushing: 97a High Impact Polyurethane


Sold as a set of 2 Trucks

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