7.75″ Santa Cruz Classic Dot Deck
7.75″ Santa Cruz Classic Dot Deck

Classic Dot Series deck on new 3D concave.


3D concave features a medium depth concave with lower, continuous nose and tail kick, plus concave in the nose in tail that combine to create pockets to lock in your feet.

7 ply North American Maple pressed individually using epoxy making a strong, responsive deck with long lasting pop and consistent concave and kick.



  • Length: 31.61 in
  • Width: 7.75 in
  • Wheel Base: 14.25 in
  • Nose Length: 6.78 in
  • Tail Length: 6.38 in
  • Medium Concave
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7.75″ Santa Cruz Total Dot VX Deck
7.75″ Santa Cruz Total Dot VX Deck

Introducing new Santa Cruz VX Technology!


VX decks are thinner, stronger, and have more pop than standard 7 ply decks. Featuring 5 plies of North American Maple and 2 layers of Quad X technology.

These new decks appear to be similar to Powell’s Flight Decks or Flip’s p2 Decks in the sense that they contain 2 layers of fiberglass and carbon fiber material in an effort to retain deck shape, pop, and durability for longer than that of an average board.


Different than other boards, VX decks are constructed with a top ply of the carbon fiber material/ fiberglass combo, followed by 4 plies of N. American maple, then another layer of the carbon/fiberglass, followed by a final (bottom) ply of maple. (See additional photos to see a diagram).



  • Great long lasting pop
  • Higher chip resistance
  • Board Width: 7.75″
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