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At Nuclear Ink we pride ourselves on being Omaha’s Premiere ALL CUSTOM tattoo shop with…

Graffiti ~ Portraiture ~ Realism

Fantasy ~ Tribal ~ Celtic ~ Fine Line

Neo-Traditional ~ Cartoon/Anime

Restoration & Cover-ups

& More!

At Nuclear Ink Custom Tattoo and Skateshop we strive to ensure that our clients not only receive tattoos which are of a quality on par with the best in the nation, but also to ensure that they have a good experience while their tattoos are being done.

We are an all custom tattoo shop whose artists design each tattoo specifically to fit the desires of our clientele.

Our artists are able to plan tattoos so as to fit the wearer’s body appropriately and to accent and flow with the natural shapes of each individual in a way that will beautify and enhance that person’s overall look.  Most tattoo shops charge an extra fee for designing a custom tattoo, which causes people to choose pre-drawn mass-produced designs.

At Nuclear Ink our artists do not charge extra for the time it takes to draw a custom tattoo, as we feel that everyone deserves a tattoo designed uniquely for them.  Our artists regularly attend seminars and conventions with the best international tattoo artists, and industry leaders.  Our artists guarantee the quality of their tattoo work. We never charge an extra fee for touch-up work, if necessary. We hold ourselves to a standard higher than most not only in our tattoos, but also in our training standards and environment.

Our artists are all members of the

Alliance of Professional Tattooists (APT),

a group which promotes health and safety in the tattoo industry.  All of our personnel attend the APT’s “Preventing Disease Transmission in Tattooing” seminar annually to keep up on important changes in the industry and to ensure that our customers have the safest possible tattoo experience.  The APT acknowledged Jesse as a certified Master Tattooist in 2004.  Jesse is also a member of the National Tattoo Association, a group that includes only the most professional tattoo artists.

Our artists regularly fix or cover-up poorly done, unprofessional and ill planned tattoo work with tattoo artistry that the wearer can truly be proud of, often winning awards at local competitions.  It is amazing to see the way that replacing embarrassing mistakes with great tattoo art can really boost someone’s self esteem and overall self-image.